Annual Report 2017

Corporate banking Banking partner for small and medium-sized enterprises

The requirements placed on banks by corporate customers are changing rapidly. DZ BANK will respond to these changes and, as an initiative-led bank, continue to act as a strategic partner for its customers.

Corporate banking has always been part of the business model of the cooperative banks. As digitization disrupts the financial sector, this line of business will need to reinvent itself. Banks have to identify which solutions will be needed by small and medium-sized enterprises in the future. Only those institutions with an in-depth understanding of their corporate customers’ needs and requirements will be able to do this.

“The corporate bank of the future is digital, agile and, above all, customer-focused. That means properly understanding our individual needs and translate them into quick and simple solutions.”

Oliver Albrecht
Managing Director, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG

Small and medium-sized enterprises expect their bank to forge ahead with digitization. They want to be able to access solutions via digital channels. At the same time, banks with corporate business are asking themselves how much advice their customers will continue to require, as many corporate customers have recently significantly increased their own expertise regarding financing and structuring. Moreover, many companies’ treasury departments now have vastly improved technologies at their disposal. As a result, companies are in many areas less dependent on banks than they were in the past. This is changing the relationship between credit institutions and their corporate customers.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, need their bank to have a capable team of advisors with experience of their particular sector. When this is combined with a comprehensive understanding of the customer at all management levels, a reliable working relationship can be established.”

Barbara Scheitz
Managing Director, Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH

In future, banks will have to juggle two roles. As product suppliers, they have to provide corporate customers with off-the-peg products as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible – often via digital channels. And as strategic advisors, they have to be a source of ideas for their customers right along the value chain – and demonstrate a thorough understanding of their customers’ business.

DZ BANK is committed to fulfilling these new roles for its corporate customers and remaining a reliable banking partner to small and medium-sized enterprises. Corporate customers can take DZ BANK’s perception of itself as an initiative-led bank as a promise.