Annual Report 2016

Andreas Deitert

Market success – in tandem with the cooperative banks

In view of the persistently low level of interest rates and rising costs caused by digitization and regulation, the cooperative financial network is also faced with the challenge of finding efficient and effective ways of staying economically strong and robust.

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Andreas Deitert

Against this background, a hugely important role is played by DZ BANK’s collaborative partnership based on trust with the cooperative banks, which are both its shareholders and its most important customers. DZ BANK’s Regionaldirektoren and the cooperative banks’ boards of managing directors are in continuous contact at a strategic level, with the aim of underpinning the position of the cooperative financial network in the market and gaining market share. The Regionaldirektoren are key account managers and familiar with the needs of their customers. As both a sparring partner and a sounding board, the Regionaldirektoren work together with the boards of managing directors of the cooperative banks to develop tailored solutions that are then implemented in cooperation with the relevant product experts.

Since 1991, the average total assets of the cooperative banks in Germany have increased almost ninefold as a result of business growth and mergers. This has also resulted in a significant rise in requirements for the support services provided by DZ BANK.

Following the successful completion of the merger between DZ BANK and WGZ BANK in August 2016, the joint central institution is now even better placed to fulfill its cooperative banking remit. Experience from both banks is now channeled into holistic, decentralized support for the cooperative banks. The optimum integration in the cooperative financial network and in the DZ BANK Group is leading to synergies and processes can be structured more efficiently. “We must develop our services so that they help the cooperative banks perform successfully in the market. Since the merger, the opportunity to do this has been greater than ever before,” says Andreas Deitert, Head of Department, Cooperative Banks / Verbund Central Germany Region, describing his motives for pursuing even greater connectivity with the cooperative banks.

“We must develop our services so that they help the cooperative banks perform successfully in the market.”

Andreas Deitert

Safeguarding future viability

Relationship management and informationsharing with the cooperative banks at a strategic level are not the only areas of activity to receive a boost from the merger to form a joint central institution. Consultancy on strategic bank management has also been integrated into the Cooperative Banks / Verbund division of DZ BANK from an organizational perspective. Regionaldirektoren and strategic bank management consultants now enjoy even closer contact and information-sharing. This means that much more focused ideas can be derived from the numerous analyses of a bank’s risk situation and financial performance.